prιмer ѕorтeo вlacĸ opѕ y advanced warғare // хιon хιιι

eѕpero qυe oѕ gυѕтe мι canal y ganeιѕ laѕ cυenтaѕ qυe ιre ѕorтeando y dιѕғrυтar de ellaѕ al мaхιмo y no olvιdeιѕ de coмenтar jυegoѕ para qυe ѕorтee cυenтaѕ.

ғor ĸay [тнanĸ yoυ] ~ ғιnal ғanтaѕy хιιι

This is for kay (kaykaysims2) because she's had a bit of bad time recently :( Hopefully this will cheer you up a little! and when you finish final fantasy 13, i hope ...

[claιre "lιgнтnιng" ғarron] - ғιnal ғanтaѕy хιιι

lιgнтnιng. ιт ғlaѕнeѕ вrιgнт... тнen ғadeѕ away. ιт can'т proтecт. ιт only deѕтroyѕ. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

ѕтarry eyeѕ [нope х vanιlle] - ғιnal ғanтaѕy хιιι

do ѕoмeтнιng ғor мe wιll yoυ, ĸeep ѕмιlιng - ιт мaĸeѕ мe нappy wнen yoυ ѕмιle ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

♥ғιɴαl ғαɴтαѕy хιιι-2 lιɢнтɴιɴɢ ιѕ тυмвlιɴɢ♥ (нd)

Woo I'm finally able to make videos again! After a three year hiatus im finally back in action. I know im not that great as of yet,but I've got time to grasp the hang of ...

хιιι ғreeмode war #5 ғт ѕυce мa rocĸeт & в187

Like and subscribe Likez et abonnez vous l'équipes !!! SOLDAT DU XIII Crew de guerre recrute Sur test !!! -Ils faux être fort au Sol à toutes les armes et en avion ...

*-*-*-* I ´ l l b e u r c o m m m a n d e r *-*-*-*

I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO! This is my tribute to one of my best friends, her name is Martina (or Tifa in this video)... I´m Lightning, btw--- but I DO ...

◊ on мy own - ғιnal ғanтaѕy ◊

on my own - ashes remain No copyright infringement is intended.

Ganador del Primer Sorteo !

El ganador de este sorteo a sido Javier felicidades amigo y gracias por darle like y sub al video y a todos los demas participantes tambien muchas gracias ...

♥ᴅᴇᴀᴅ ғᴀɴтᴀsʏ: ᴀcǫυᴀ ᴅı ɢıσ (нᴅ)♥

Just something I cooked up randomly, Its been so long since ive used Sony Vegas so im rusty. Enjoy Let me know whatcha think. PS. Yes I know Acqua Di Gio is ...

loveιѕjυѕтacaмoυғlage - ғιnal ғanтaѕy х

slipknot - snuff.

When it hurts we let go

Firstly: DEDICATION VIDEO YAAAAAAAY! :3 So this video is dedicated to my good friend Sally who had Birthday on the 13th March. I know it is to late but hey at ...

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Λ.И.G.E VS ZbeubZbeub---X

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ムしㄕけム ҨǤ Ųらノㄈ ㄕ尺Ѻの.様's Cast

ムしㄕけム ҨǤ Ųらノㄈ ㄕ尺Ѻの.様's Cast by 8GRAM for ios.