CM 01/02 - Tsigalko legend

After Madeira, there is also.. Tsigalko ;)

The story of Maxim Tsigalko

I used the original v3.9.60 version without any patches or updates Music: Craig David& Bob Sinclair: Hot stuff vs. World hold on.

Ulan İstanbul FM / CM 01/02 Tsigalko Muhabbeti :)

Ulan İstanbul Football Manager/Tsigalko Muhabbeti cm0102.com farkıyla sizlerle.


Championship Manager 01/02.The biggest talent in the game.

Gol de Maxim Tsigalko e assistência de Sergey Nikiforenko

Foi o primeiro gol do jogo entre Bielorrúsia e Uzbequistão, que terminou em empate por 2 a 2.

History of Championship Manager - Football manager (1984-2012) & Maxim Tsigalko tribute

The History & Evolution of Championship Manager - Football Manager from 1984 up to 2012 (Maxim Tsigalko tribute)

Swansea vs Crystal Palace - Maxim Tsigalko Volley

Tsigalko thunderbolt to make it 1-2 to the eagles!

Babatorik Maxim Tsigalko - Biyografi 28 Aralik 2010

Babatorik Maxim Tsigalko - Biyografi 28 Aralik 2010.

Verita Svegliamoci ragazzi...C'è da combattere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Championship Manager 01/02 - Episode 3 - Signing Legends

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Sign The Ultimate Cheat Player? | CM 0102 Transfer Scout Ep 5

Ahead of Episode 5 of the CM 01-02 Liverpool Challenge, Paul takes a look at Liverpool legend Dirk Kuyt, the Toure brothers, legend Roberto Baggio, and ...

Manchester City Championship Manager 01/02 Series - Intro and Signing Legends - Throwback Thursday

Welcome to my throwback Thursday save on Championship Manager 01/02 with Manchester City. Updates and a new video for this save every Thursday, ...

CM 01/02 - Skalidis movie

From the maker of the Tó Madeira and the Tsigalko movie. The third and biggest CM 01/02 legend. Anastasios Skalidis. A goal scoring freak of unimaginable ...

cm 01 02 greatest players (maxim Tsigalko)

he is AMAZING !!!

CANLI YAYIN | Championship Manager 01/02 - Efsane Kariyerimiz Sene: 2023 /w Yaşlı Kurt

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Tsigalko-Genji funny moment

Nomad Genji deflects Bastion ultimate and gets a kill on Temple of Anubis.


What is wib-wob and how to do it

In this video I will try and explain what the term 'wibwob' means and how you can do it within the game.

Αποφώνηση Football Manager 2012 Event @Public

Αντώνης Τσακαλέας, Κώστας Βαϊμάκης και Γιάννης Τσαούσης, κλείνουν το event στο Public. Ειδικά μετά το 2:20 ο Γιάννης...

Qik - Lir09 tsigalko by tsigalko99

Streamed by tsigalko99 in Denmark. More at http://qik.com/tsigalko99.

Tsigalko truffa a poker per 1 [HABBO.IT]

Si diverte a truffare a poker per un misero credito :-)

Qik - Lir09 tsigalko by tsigalko99

Streamed by tsigalko99 in Denmark. More at http://qik.com/tsigalko99.